Trekking with our Agency is something more than just a plain backpacking tour among Himalayan peaks. This is a specific occasion for all those who do not have alpine experience, or still do not feel they have the strength, to make the first step in this direction. That is why with us You will be able to experience and participate in a real alpine expedition, as most of our trekkings accompany and contribute to the ambience of such expeditions. This is a unique chance to get to know base life, learn how to use specific equipment, move on a glacier, and learn the basics of the climbing technique and safety measures in the snow, namely everything which shapes the specifics of alpine expeditions. This is an unforgettable experience also taking into account the possibility of getting to know many interesting people and big names in Himalayan alpinism.


This type of exploration of mountain regions has some characteristic features, ie.:

  • Covering long distances during many days of travelling on foot;
  • Climbing to significant altitudes, which is linked to experiencing the specifics of acclimatisation in high mountain terrain;
  • It is a type of tourism practiced in areas with a poorly developed infrastructure.

Himalayan Treks

Undoubtedly, the most attractive place to practice this type of tourism is Nepal, being a space, which is diversified taking into consideration the beauty of the landscape, a melting pot of cultures and religions, and at the same time a country famous for the hospitability of its inhabitants and extraordinary taking into account the unique monuments of architecture and art established on the grounds of a rich and old culture.

Our 2018 Trekking:

Everest BC & Kala Patthar

22 Days - (5550m)



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